Yesterday, I made fried green tomatoes. Even though they are my absolute favorites, it was not for me.  I had a friend visiting from Chicago and she had never tried them. She said she could not leave Mississippi without giving them a go. And give them a go she did. She loved them!

Fried green tomatoes are truly a southern delicacy. I can't get enough of them and whenever I see green tomatoes in the store I always load up on them. I do not like red tomatoes raw but the tartness of the green ones get me everytime.

I can't remember the first time I had these but I know I was an adult. It was one of those things that I never thought I could make but when I found out how easy it was I could not stop. The only problem is finding green tomatoes! If you happen to find some at your local grocery, stop and pick up a few. You have to try these.

My mom prepares her fried green tomatoes differently from me. She likes to use flour while I prefer the crunch you get with using cornmeal. Like I do with most fried foods I double batter my tomatoes for an extra crunch as they tend to get soggy fast if you do not.

You will need:
2 green tomatoes
1 cup of yellow cornmeal
3 tbsp of all purpose flour
2 tablespoons of Creole Seasoning ( or salt and pepper mix)
1 cup of water or buttermilk

2 cups of vegetable oil for frying

In a bowl, mix your dry ingredients. Pour your water or buttermilk into a separate bowl.

Heat oil in skillet or pot on meduim high heat.

Slice your green tomatoes into your desired thickness but remember that the thicker they are the more likely they are to not be as tender on the inside without burning the coating.

Coat your slice in the cornmeal mix on both sides, pressing down so that the mix sticks to the tomato from the moisture inside of it. Quickly dip the slice into the water or buttermilk and back into the cornmeal mix, patting and pressing down for a nice coating.

Once all are coated, place into frying oil.  Remove when golden brown.

Here in the South, we usually coat these bad boys in hot sauce and eat them that way. I like to add a bit of hot sauce and ranch dressing for dipping and it is so good!

You can also serve them with a nice remoulade and they are perfect on turkey sandwiches!

I am thinking that this summer heat calls for one of these!  Nothing like an ice cream cake to beat this Mississippi heat.

What you will need:
Ice Cream (softened)
Cake (I used box cake mix but I am sure a homemade cake would be divine!)
Raspberry or strawberry jam
Strawberry Frosting
Pocky sticks (I used two large bags of pocky sticks to cover the 9 inch cake)(you can find these in the Asian section of your grocery store or at an Asian food market)
clear wrap
ribbon if you like

After the cake has cooled, I trimmed off the top excess to make it even. I then spread a generous amount of jam to the layer. Place in the freezer until it is hardened. This is important because it will need to be frozen to ice it later. Otherwise,it will become a slippery mess!

On the other cake layer, spread your softened ice cream. Wrap tightly in clear wrap and place in the freezer until frozen.


Once both layers are frozen, place them together like the photo above. You can use a knife to trim off any icecream that is sticking out from the cake. Place back into the freezer.

Once it is again frozen solid, take out and begin frosting. You will need to move fast and do not worry if it is not perfectly frosted. You just need enough frosting on the sides so that the pocky sticks. After frosting, immediately begin placing the pocky sticks around it. This would be fun for the kids to help with but be careful, pocky is very delicate and they will break easily.

I tied ribbon around my cake because I thought it looked super pretty and it helps keep the pocky in place. Place back in the freezer.  I topped my cake off with chocolate covered strawberries and plain strawberries. You will need to leave in the freezer until it has hardened and take out when you are ready to serve.  It is sooooo good!

My favorite turkey sandwich comes loaded with bacon, lettuce, tomato and of course, shredded fresh aged Parmesan and Asiago cheese. I love the Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh Cracked Black Pepper Turkey Breast Lunch Meat.  Add a bit of mayo and toast the bread and I am in heaven.

Yes, please.

Last night my son told me he wanted a Doctor Who birthday party. Nevermind that said party was to take place the next day.  Being  avid Doctor Who fans, I thought over the episodes we have watched over and over and thought how could I make something cool on a looooow budget. No time to order anything, no time to really plan, I decided, not to make Dalek cupcakes, or a Tardis cake, but instead, opted to keep it simple. I bought some napkins, white cups, buttons, ribbon, 50 cent  paint and blue wrapping paper.

A Tardis out of the wrapping paper, the 11th Doctor out of the other items and some simple candy talk bubbles I wrote on with an edible marker. My son loved it and I am happy that it turned out cool.

I guess this means, he wins. No more House marathons on Netflix...time to go back to The Doctor.

Summer is in full swing and that means travel for most families. Some are skipping on the planes and opting for road travel instead. With kids on the road, and a schedule to keep, taking snacks on the road with you is essential.

I love this idea of a snack case. I found this child size case in the hardware section of Wal Mart. You should be able to find some similar in most stores. They are used to house nails, fishing gear and pieces but are perfect for snacks!

You can even personalize the front using colorful or metallic sharpies with your child's name or a cute design.

I love it because you can place in it enough snacks for the duration of the drive. So it limits the time you need to stop and shop for food or snacks.

My kids loved this and it was just an easy way to show my kids they are worth the extra effort of debagging these badboys.

Yesterday while on a shoot for a magazine, the editor gave me a large bag of fresh blueberries. 4 pounds. It was heavy! Of course, I immediately wanted to make cobblers and muffins but when I started cooking my ribs today and saw that I was out of store bought bbq sauce, I decided, hey, this could work. And work it did. Not overly sweet and the Sriracha adds a nice kick. Even my kids loved this blend of sweet and spicy. Quick and easy, I can't wait to try this sauce on some pork tenderloin. 

You will need:
1 (4 to 5 pound) Rack Pork Ribsibs
1 1/2 cups Fresh Blueberries
1/4 cup Honey
1/4 cup Ketchup
1/4 cup of Worcestershire Sauce 
¼ cup  Sugar
1/4 cup of Sriracha

3 tbsp of Creole Seasoning

Rinse your ribs and place on baking sheet.  Sprinkle with the creole seasoning. In an oven at 350 degrees, cook for 2-3 hours. 

In skillet, add in your other ingredients. Cook on medium heat, smashing the blueberries as it gets hotter.  Stir well and taste. Add more sugar should you need to.  Cook for about 15 minutes. Turn off heat. Sauce should be fairly thick like a syrup.  Coat your ribs with your sauce and serve.

This recipe is adapted from Living Locurto's Blackberry BBQ sauce.

When it comes to entertaining, I love simplicity. I often go complex in a sense with food, but sometimes less is certainly more. Being here in the South, our range of cultural diversity is not high. We are limited in certain cuisines and international flavors. Although I have never traveled abroad, there is something about the timeless classical elegance in some European foods.

Right now, I am on a rustic European kick and cannot get enough of beautiful trays of simple, fresh vegetables, cured meats, fruit and cheeses. How about these serving ideas for your next get together with friends?

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